Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC Wraps Up Record Year

Woodbridge Structured Funding, a specialty finance company that purchases lottery payments, structured settlements, and annuities, is wrapping up a solid fourth quarter with year over year results up more than 50%. 

The company specializes in helping individuals sell annuity payments  for an immediate lump sum. Many annuitants who have sold their annuity payments to Woodbridge Structured Funding have used their lump sum cash payments to pay off mounting debts, or invest in purchasing a home, starting a business, or funding a loved one’s education.

As predicted, it looks to Woodbridge that the merger of structured settlement companies  Peachtree Financial and J.G. Wentworth increased Woodbridge’s market share. Woodbridge Structured Funding remains committed to providing outstanding rates and customer service to each and every client. Adherence to these core principals has allowed for substantial growth.

Vice President Scott Schwartz stated, "2011 saw deal flow in all our business units up 50% year over year.” In addition, Woodbridge Structured Funding expanded operations. “The company has continued to provide strong customer service and competitive pricing and continues to grow with the hiring of our 70th employee in December,” Schwartz said.

Woodbridge Structured Funding, which maintains offices in both Florida and California, holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – the bureau’s highest possible rating. 
Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC can be found online at http://woodbridgeinvestments.com 
About Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC
Woodbridge and its predecessor companies have been pioneers in the financial services industry. Nearly twenty years ago, Woodbridge innovated the purchase of future payments in return for a lump sum. Since 1993, Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC and its predecessor companies and founders, have bought nearly a billion of dollars worth of payments from individuals wishing to sell structured settlements, sell annuity payments or sell lottery winnings , all by working with one satisfied customer at a time.