Rescue Capital Releases Structured Settlement True or False Fact Sheet

As part of their commitment to educating consumers about the structured settlement factoring industry and popular misconceptions, Philadelphia-based Rescue Capital releases the first part of their Structured Settlement True or False Fact Sheet. The fact sheet addresses some of the latest crop of mistruths published by bloggers who are often unfamiliar with the industries they are writing about.

Craig Davidson, Vice President of Rescue Capital, stated, “Savvy consumers who attempt to research the industry are inundated with blog posts and other materials. It can be overwhelming since the information is conflicting.” Davidson elaborated further by stating, “Sometimes with search engines you get keyword rich posts designed for SEO. These aren’t always quality posts. In fact, they often contain numerous factual and grammatical errors.”

Rescue Capital, a smaller, agile purchaser of structured settlements and annuity payments based in Philadelphia, believes there is a need to educate the consumer about the advantages and pitfalls of selling future payments.

“When people sell their future payments, many times they are in a difficult place financially. What makes Rescue Capital different is that we try to not only provide competitive pricing; we try to educate consumers about the pros and cons of their financial choices,” said Rescue Capital’s John Zepeda. “If you look at our website, sellers can see a variety of information to help them achieve their financial goals.”

In an ever changing economy being educated on the latest news and trends brings about better decisions, which is a win-win situation for consumers because they understand the process, can determine if selling is right for their financial needs and it allows them to see through the clever advertising. As an emerging leader in the structured settlement purchasing space, Rescue Capital is taking lengths to help the consumer be aware of their options.

"I welcome to opportunity to show consumers the Rescue Capital difference. Our main priority is to ensure the client comes first. We want our customers to feel at ease and not feel like they are being taken advantage of during their time of need,” stated Davidson.